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This PREACHER is the only one that is telling the world that Eden is a haven’s world and he has given us proofs in the Bible. If Eden is indeed a haven’s world, then the narratives of all that preachers have been preaching in the earth for over 2020 years change.

If Eden is a haven’s world, then it means that His Eminence Adam and mother Eve Her Grace, were celestial citizens before the fall and if they were celestial beings before the fall, it means that the body they had before the fall was not the mortal kind which we all have now but the supernatural kind and if the bodies they had before the fall were of the supernatural kind, we now know why God planted the tree that they ate from which was what made their supernatural bodies to metamorphose negatively into the mortal kind.

This reveals that the reason why God planted the tree in the first place was for them to eat from it so that they, as the principal ancestors of the mankind race, could pay the price of sacrificing their celestial life of bliss through the acquisition of the mortal kind of body which meant that they would leave the celestial world, Eden, to come to the terrestrial earth so that they could kickstart the procreation of their children – the rest of mankind.

Have we forgotten that the God that planted this tree they erroneously call the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is all-knowing and that HE knows the end from the beginning so knew and infact saw how they ate from it even before HE planted it yet went ahead to plant it?

Then how come what we read in Genesis is different?

It is because the enemy of mankind, Lucifer through his human agents who hijacked the CHURCH and the word of God to sell falsehood to the global community of Christians, were responsible and this, not taking God unawares, is why HE coded the LOGOS and prepared this PREACHER to come in the last days to set the records straight through what is called the RESTITUTION OF ALL things because the God knew that the six persons of the LAW (Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and Apostle Peter) that were sent before this PREACHER, would be unable to interpret HIS height and frequency of communication. Malachi 4:5-6, Matt 17:11, John 4:7-30, Acts 3:19-23.

If Father Adam and mother Eve did not eat from this tree that made them mortal how would you and I have been procreated or are you saying that our being procreated in this terrestrial earth is a mistake and not the will of God?

If procreation is not the will of God why has God not stopped it after HE carried out the atonement?

Why is procreation still going on today and the baby born today will still be susceptible to sickness, aging and death after Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE who is the God in HIS incarnate manifestation carried out the ultimate atonement over two thousand years ago?

If the ultimate atonement carried out by Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE was for mankind in the fallen state to get reconnected back to God, what reconnected Enoch and Elijah of Tishbe back to God because they went to Eden, the third heaven before Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE came to this earth to carry out the ultimate atonement?

Do you now see that what preachers told you, was built on a very false premise because it does not add up?

If Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE came to die for our sin when did we commit that sin and why are people still dying today since HE has already died for our sins.

If the phrase, the restitution of all things should mean what it should mean, why are Christians acting surprised that this certain PREACHER in the earth today is correcting the bible?

The atrocities that Lucifer & cohorts and their human agents committed in turning the truth upside down really went catholic. It was a project that worked well until now because they succeeded in turning mankind against their principal ancestor who was never recognized as the son of God but rather, the God who came into this earth in HIS incarnate manifestation as Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE was presented by the mother harlot to the whole world as the son of God.


1. Father Adam and mother Eve were never babies because there are no babies in heaven. If there were babies in heaven, there would be growing up in heaven. If there was growing up in heaven, there would be aging and death in heaven. If there was growing up in heaven, there would be the passing out of faeces, urine etc in heaven so there would be toilets and flies in heaven.

2. The tree of life that was referenced in Gen 2:9 is again spoken of in Rev 2:7 and Rev 22:14 as a tree we are yet to eat from but which we will eat from if we do well, that is, if we make Eden.

Question: so where is the tree of life all these while if it is still intact somewhere in this terrestrial earth?

If Noah’s flood washed the tree away, how come the book of revelation is talking about the tree of life as a tree we will eat from in future because nobody has yet eaten from this tree?

How can the tree of life be in a world where sickness, aging and death are?

3. Rev 2:7 calls the garden of Eden, the paradise of God. The paradise of God? This earth is not a paradise yet so why is Eden called the paradise of God if Eden was in this earth.

Can we see that this PREACHER that is saying these things is right when he says Eden is a haven’s world and the preachers opposing him are wrong?

Is this not the reason why the Bible that we all are carrying said that an Elijah will come to restitute ALL things?

If all things will be restituted, does it not reveal that the Bible was greatly compromised by translators and interpreters?

Why are preachers ganging up against the third Elijah? Is it because he emerged from Nigeria?

We can see that all his teachings are bible backed after the Bible has been accurately interpreted which reveals that he is God-backed and if he is God-backed, are your actions not suggesting that you are fighting God? Can anyone fight God?

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