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There is a reason Ephesians chapter 4 verse 13 sounded this way: Until we come to the fullness of the knowledge of the son of God, we will continue to be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine and the solemnity (coming together as one CHURCH under one umbrella) of the global community of Christians will not happen. Ephesians 4:13.

What this means is that the person that Christians all over the world have been calling the son of God is not the son of God and there was something that Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE told the Apostles after Apostle Peter called HIM, the son of the living God which readers of the Bible failed to grasp because of the way it was written in verse 20 of Matt 16 and that is: ENSURE OR SEE THAT YOU TELL NO MAN THIS which was revealing that Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE being called the son of God by Apostle Peter was not a complete testimony. It was a height that was allowed to subsist for then because it would take many years for the fullness of the knowledge of the son of God to be preached in the earth and that preaching would be done by that messenger angel who would come to restitute ALL things. Malachi 4:5-6, Matt 17:11, Acts 3:19-23.

Details of how you know the identity of the son of God is where God the son played the role of the son of God in giving up HIS mystery divine nature and making HIMSELF a mortal (dieable) just as the son of God, Adam, His Eminence made Himself a mortal by eating from a certain tree in the garden of Eden.

God defined the trinity in the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Abraham is in the similitude of God the father, Isaac in the similitude of God the son and Jacob in the similitude of God the Most Holy Spirit.

God was playing three roles as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

(1) God the father as Abraham,

(2) Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE who is God the son as Isaac (the son of Abraham) and

(3) God the Most Holy Spirit as Jacob (the son of Isaac).

1. Here, God gave birth to HIS son Adam, His Eminence after very many years without a son as Abraham gave birth to his covenanted son, Isaac, after a hundred years’ wait.

2. That son Adam, His Eminence ate from a tree planted by His father, the God and lost ever lasting life in His supernatural body (his supernatural body became a mortal kind) which means He acquired the poor age (porridge) which is mortality, the life that has expiry date / as Isaac lost His birthright because his father Abraham had Ishmael rather than wait for the right time God promised him to wait but went ahead to have Ishmael thereby making Isaac to lose the right of the first born to Ishmael.

What Adam, His Eminence did by accepting to eat of a fruit from His bride, mother Eve which altered the zoe cell system in His supernatural body, metamorphosing it negatively into the mortal kind is what Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE showed in the earth when HIS body that had a mystery divine nature became the mortal kind (dieable) after HE had a meal, the last supper with HIS bride – the twelve Apostles, representing the CHURCH.

3. God the Most Holy Spirit in the last age of the CHURCH, in the 7th dispensation, in the dispensation of the Most Holy Spirit would bring divine revelations or eucharistic messages to mankind that will restore to mankind the birthright, the ever lasting life back to their body when their spirit beings would be fed with divine revelations or eucharistic messages that would hatch zoe immortal cells in their mortal bodies which are what would metamorphose their mortal bodies positively into the supernatural kind, the way Jacob saw the birthright that Ishmael stole from his father Isaac then went ahead to retrieve it from Esau by giving poor age (porridge) to profane Esau for which Jacob is called the supplanter.

This is what giving Esau the poor age (porridge) meant. Poor age is mortality and taking from Esau, the birthright (the ever lasting life) which Esau willingly gave means Jacob has retrieved the birthright which is ever lasting life.

This great mystery is what preachers did not understand so called Jacob a thief and a swindler not knowing that Jacob is in the similitude of the Most Holy Spirit because he is very spiritual unlike Esau that is profane.

This is also what played out in the house of Laban when Jacob applied his knowledge of how the matrix can be influenced to get an expected result of increasing his livestock.

Jacob is the supplanter and not a thief and today he is supplanting the death nature, supplanting psuche mortal cells with zoe immortal cells by the eucharistic messages of the God.

That Jacob is today the third Elijah, the son of man, the son of His Eminence Adam who is retrieving the ever lasting life his father, Adam, His Eminence lost in the garden of Eden.

The role of Abraham was played by the God as God the father.

The role of Isaac, the son of Abraham who lost his birthright was played by Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE as the son of God who was born without the participation of a man and a woman, without the involvement of spermatozoon and egg but whose birth in this terrestrial earth was of an immaculate conception, so had a mystery divine nature but lost that mystery divine nature during the last supper with HIS bride the CHURCH when HE gave them HIS kind of life and took mortality from them – revealing what happened in the garden of Eden where the son of God, Adam, His Eminence had a meal with His bride, mother Eve when He took from her what made His supernatural body a mortal so He could procreate His children in this terrestrial earth by giving them the opportunity to express their beings by having active existence, else, they would have remained in the father’s bosom as spirit children.

Also, Isaac, being called the child of laughter is pointing to Adam, His Eminence, the son of God who brought laughter to His father, the God when He agreed to sacrifice His supernatural body and come to this terrestrial earth to make the procreation of the rest of mankind, possible.

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