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The most holy trinity is the three modes of operation of the same one God. These three modes of operation are God the father, God the son and God the Most Holy Spirit. The three modes are co – equal and co – eternal.

Now, these are the big words: “co – equal” and “co – eternal”. If “co – equal” does not tell us that none amongst these three is a son or an offspring of the other as some preachers may argue that in this terrestrial earth a son may be equal to his father or even higher in achievements than his father, but this is not so in heaven; what reveals that the trinity is one God and only one God with different modes of operation is the word “co – eternal”.

Co – eternal means that the three modes are without beginning. It means that God the father, God the son and God the Most Holy Spirit are without beginning. If this is true then why do preachers, (some of whom are university lecturers), say that Jesus Christ HIS PRE – EMINENCE is the son of God?

Jesus Christ HIS PRE – EMINENCE is God the son and not the son of God. The world is yet to know that God has physical anatomy. The world is also yet to know that as mankind has physical anatomy, so does God have physical anatomy, else God would not have said: Let us make man in our image and after our likeness whose right rendering is:

“Let us make the body of man after the anatomy of the spirit being”.

The spirit being has anatomy but it is intangible. Just as the physical anatomy of mankind is not mankind but the spirit being so is the physical anatomy of God not God but the Most Holy Spirit.

Man is spirit being, programmed in the soul and baptized in the body which is why man is said to be spirit, soul and body. For God, you don’t say spirit, soul and body but God the father, God the son and God the Most Holy Spirit.

God the father is God in HIS capital size – God in HIS fatherhood state. This size is indescribable, tangible yet invisible. This size is bigger than the whole universe and the whole planets put together that HE made. No one can behold God in this size.

God the son is God in the shape and size of the son of God, Adam, His Eminence. God comes in this shape and size in order to enter into a world HE created and formed to be seen by HIS son and HIS son’s children.

God the Most Holy Spirit is God in HIS rawest form. This is the God that is not in any anatomy. This is the way HE comes when the situation is chaotic. In this form, HE can be in a billion or more places doing a billion or more things at the same time yet not diminished.

In God the father is the Most Holy Spirit, in God the son is the Most Holy Spirit.

Understanding this, one can now correct what Saul Paul said in Colossians 2:9:

In God the father dwelleth all the fullness of the godhead bodily.

In God the son, dwells the physical manifestation of the Most Holy Spirit bodily. Another way to put this is: God the son is the express image of the invisible God.

In God the Most Holy Spirit dwells the omnipresence of the godhead intangibly.

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