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As stipulated by the LOGOS, it was while we were all in the father’s bosom, as spirit beings without tangible bodies that father Adam prepared and mandated seven messenger angels called the seven angels of the seven ages of the CHURCH to come to this terrestrial earth to be born of their biological mothers as mortals, grow to a certain age and lead the CHURCH in the age they would be in the earth

How they would know that they are the chosen ones, is that they would be having encounters with God who would be giving them revelations which they, in turn, were expected to teach the CHURCH what they got from what they heard from God and what God was telling them which the first six messenger angels in the segment of the LAW (except the great Enoch) were unable to decipher, was for them to teach the CHURCH how to immortalize their mortal bodies and turn this terrestrial earth into a haven’s world. Deut 30:19.

The ability to hear and interpret God's height and frequency of communication determined if they would succeed in the assignment or not.

Now we know that Enoch succeeded in interpreting the LOGOS which is why he was able to transfigure alive and go to heaven without tasting death at all but he could not transfigure his CHURCH for a number of reasons while the other five messenger angels could neither transfigure themselves alive nor could they transfigure the CHURCH they led.

The seven messenger angels called the seven angels of the seven ages of the CHURCH are Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Apostle Peter and the third Elijah, PROPHET Obinna Jude Alexander.

The census of the mankind race is known. Each member of the mankind race would come in his or her CHURCH age. The time it would take for all the members of the mankind race to be sent by God from the father's bosom into this terrestrial earth and into the wombs of their biological mothers, be born as mortals, immortalize their bodies and return to heaven either alive without tasting death at all or dying first to go to the ghost world, resurrect at the appropriate time and transfigure before coming to heaven are ten dispensations.

Each of the first six angels of the first six CHURCH ages was to come to the earth from the father's bosom in each of the first six dispensations while the 7th angel of the 7th and last CHURCH age would come from the father's bosom into the terrestrial earth in the 7th dispensation to dispense revelations in the last four dispensations. Which means, the 7th and last messenger angel is the one that will lead the CHURCH into rest (into the sabbath which is JERIKO), when men would have defeated sickness, ageing and death then into JORDAN and across JORDAN where transfiguration would take place and into the New Salem in the 8th dispensation for the one thousand years millennium reign when this earth becomes a haven's world, then into the 9th dispensation for those who took part in the millennium reign to witness the battle of Armageddon and finally into Eden in the 10th dispensation.

The problems with Christianity in the earth today are that Christians don't know who they are, where they came from, why they are in a world of imperfection, chaos and turmoil, when they will leave this imperfect world and how they will leave this imperfect world.

Christianity has not been preached in this earth in a way that will make all mankind to feel committed to the cause of knowing why they are in an imperfect world to run their kingdom race to a perfect world and that they will have themselves to blame if they stand aloof as it means they must taste death to go to the ghost world and wait for resurrection before going to heaven because all members of the mankind race will make heaven. Not one will visit hell and later, the lake of fire. Not one. The point now is who are the members of the mankind race? Members of the mankind race are the pure hominid humans whose spirit beings hailed from the father's bosom.

Christianity has not been made real to mankind because no one has been able to, for example, explain why some people who came to this earth lived close to a thousand years while those who are born into this terrestrial earth today struggle to live up to a hundred years.

Christians are yet to know that heaven is a real and physical place, a place we go to with our spirit, soul and body intact.

Christians read in the Bible that God made man in HIS image and after His likeness but they have not asked how come angelic beings who are not made in the image of God but are creatures, yet do not fall sick, age and die, unlike man who was made in God's image.

Christians were made to believe that it was the sin of the principal ancestor of the mankind race, His Eminence, Adam that is the reason why we are in imperfect bodies and are in a world where sickness, ageing and death hold sway but they have not considered that a certain rebel group called Lucifer and his cohorts who committed far more heinous crime than what father Adam and mother Eve did, are not mortals and are not living in a world where sickness, ageing and death ravage them. Fallen angels are not mortal angels. Lucifer and cohorts challenged God's sovereignty which is far more heinous than the "supposed" disobedience of father Adam.

The world is yet to know that the fall of man is a plan and that man has to go through being a mortal and living in an imperfect world first before finally resuming in their summit level of administration in heaven because of the very fact that they have a gene called the royal gene they got from God whose own gene is the most royal.

Mankind, the CHURCH fell from immortality to mortality and would rise from mortality to immortality. For the fall to happen, the principal ancestor of the mankind race, Adam, His Eminence who was a celestial citizen, living in a haven's world Eden, had to agree to sacrifice His celestial life of bliss and sacrifice His supernatural body by agreeing to eat from the tree of mortality that would make His fall from immortality to mortality possible, as that was the only way He could gain access into an imperfect world called this terrestrial earth where He could procreate the rest of mankind, that is, give mortal bodies to the rest of mankind whose spirit beings would be sent by God into this terrestrial earth and into the wombs of their biological mothers to be born as mortals.

Father Adam and mother Eve agreeing to temporarily give up their supernatural bodies to acquire the mortal kind provided the mortal bodies where God would send the spirit beings of mankind into.

After being born a mortal in a particular age of the CHURCH, the man or woman in his or her mortal body is expected to be fed with divine revelations or eucharistic messages dispensed by the leader of that CHURCH age, called the angel of that CHURCH age as these Eucharists when assimilated into the spirit being, would hatch Zoe immortal cells in the mortal body and take the mortal body through the four transcends of positive metamorphoses signposted as GILGAL to BETHEL, BETHEL to JERIKO, JERIKO to JORDAN and across JORDAN at the end of which the mortal body would have metamorphosed positively into the supernatural kind of body without the person tasting death at all.

The birthing of the holy spirit of the son of God, His Eminence, Adam, inspired the LOGOS and the LOGOS stipulated that the son of God being the only holy spirit that the Most Holy Spirit birthed, would be the one that would birth the holy spirits of the rest of mankind through different hierarchies of super bio fatherhood and would also be the one that would give His children bodies.

The birthing of the holy spirits of all mankind took place in the father's bosom in the 10th heaven while the birthing of the mortal bodies of father Adam's children took place in this terrestrial earth through different types of biological fatherhood, a process that is still ongoing.

The physical body of the son of God, Adam, His Eminence and that of mother Eve were coupled by the God from a pair of Ribber the God took from HIS own body and this body is the supernatural kind of body but when it came to giving bodies to the rest of mankind, it was the son of God as the principal ancestor of the mankind race whose spirit being gave birth to the spirit beings of the rest of mankind that would lay down His life, that is, lay down His supernatural body to become the mortal kind by eating from a particular tree that His father, the God planted.

This sacrifice had to happen for Him to acquire the kind of body known as the mortal body that can produce spermatozoa and for His model type, mother Eve to acquire the kind of body called the mortal body that could produce eggs and give her a womb that would hold the fetus from the fertilized egg.

Remember that after the supernatural bodies of father Adam and mother Eve were coupled, they came to the haven's world Eden from where they came to the terrestrial earth after they had eaten of the tree for procreation but the children they both had in their fallen or mortal nature in this terrestrial earth cannot come to their celestial abode yet until their own mortal bodies are given a rebirth into the supernatural kind of bodies.

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