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The LOGOS is the unalterable blueprint of the plan of salvation detailing what started in the father’s bosom in the 10th heaven, after the holy spirit of the son of God had been birthed by the Most Holy Spirit of God, the holy spirit of the son of God in turn, birthed the holy spirits of the rest of mankind through different hierarchies of super bio fatherhood and how the God coupled the supernatural bodies of the son of God and His model type, mother Eve and how the two as the principal ancestors of the mankind race had to give bodies to the rest of mankind and to do that, because the son of God is not the creator but the procreator, He had to first sacrifice His supernatural body by He and mother Eve eating from the tree that would metamorphose their supernatural bodies negatively into the mortal kind in order for them to acquire the mortal kind of body which would give them access into the terrestrial earth where they would kickstart the procreation of the rest of mankind.

The LOGOS also details how God has been sending the holy spirits of the rest of mankind into the terrestrial earth and into the wombs of their biological mothers to wear their mortal bodies, salvage the mortal bodies by preventing them from dying and returning to heaven alive with the bodies now turned the supernatural kind of bodies without them tasting death at all.

The six persons of the LAW not understanding this to accurately interpret this to the CHURCH ages they led is why mankind have been dying and because understanding it and running that kingdom race to the finishing line is not an easy to get testimony, is why before now, only two people since the world began, got that as testimonies and these two are Enoch and Elijah the great prophet of Tishbe who now, is Elijah of Eden.

The LOGOS is like a book of ten chapters, each chapter a dispensation.

There are ten dispensations and these ten dispensations are divided into two: the DISPENSATIONS OF SORROWS which are the first seven dispensations when mankind or the CHURCH would be in their imperfect bodies called mortal bodies and live in an imperfect world called the terrestrial earth running their kingdom race.

The other category is the last three dispensations called the DISPENSATIONS OF REFRESHING AND RECUPERATION and this is when mankind or the CHURCH will have finished their kingdom race and will no longer be in the imperfect bodies called the mortal bodies and will no longer live in the imperfect world called the terrestrial earth because this earth would have become a haven’s world by then.

The job of explaining to mankind who found themselves birthed into this terrestrial earth why they are here in this imperfect world in a body that is imperfect and what they must do to metamorphose the mortal body positively into the supernatural kind of body alive without them tasting death at all and how this imperfect world called the terrestrial earth can become a haven’s world was given to the seven messenger angels called the seven angels of the seven ages of the CHURCH.

The first six could not get the job done but the seventh and the last can and is presently in the earth, dispensing revelations that are already but gradually, coupling the mortal bodies of mankind into their supernatural bodies – the temple of the holy spirit.



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