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There is no human (wheat or tare) who would reject the Goodnews, so how come the Goodnews that Christians say they have been preaching in the earth has not brought all humans into Christianity?

This is to show you that what preachers have been preaching in the earth in the last 2020 years is not the Goodnews. Nobody rejects the Goodnews, it is rather the Goodnews that rejects those not deserving of it. The Goodnews is not for impure hominids. If the Goodnews was preached by Christians in this earth, there would have been no other religion on earth even though Christianity is not a religion but a way to life.

What then is the Goodnews?
The Goodnews means Gospel. The Goodnews makes spell to leave. Examples of spell is sickness, aging or death. The Goodnews is contained in a package (the LOGOS) God gave to seven messenger angels for them to open and interpret for the CHURCH but none could open this package and interpret the contents therein except the 7th and last messenger angel who is in the earth today because without the accurate interpretation of the message in this package, even if the contents were revealed to the CHURCH, they would find it too good to be true.

The Goodnews is the gift from the most compassionate God and that Goodnews is that YOU CAN LIVE IN THIS EARTH, TRANSFIGURE AND GO TO HEAVEN ALIVE WITHOUT TASTING DEATH AT ALL. Deuteronomy 19:30. The unfortunate thing is that in ignorance, we have been making the wrong requests to God and have been praying amiss because we lack the knowledge of the LOGOS. Imagine that you are God and apart from the children you have in heaven which is a perfect world of bliss, where there is no sickness, aging or dying, you have some other children who are still running their kingdom race in an imperfect world, a world where the bodies of the inhabitants are ravaged by sickness, aging and death because these children of yours are still in their mortal bodies – bodies that cannot protect them from death and her pathogens.

Now, your children have read about your many promises to them in the Bible, how that they have mansions waiting for them in heaven. How would you feel if you see these children of yours, rather than asking that they be healed first of mortality so that they can be in the best state of health to be able to come to heaven and also be in the best state of health to enjoy these amenities of heaven, they are every second praying for you to bless them with money, houses and cars of this terrestrial earth while still in their mortal bodies?

Do you think a man with leprosy when asked to make just one request, will be asking God to give him a lot of money, cars and houses while still remaining a leper?

Do you think that the poorest man on earth will be ready to trade places
with a leper if the leper is a billionaire in dollars?

If a very poor man would rather remain poor instead of trading places with a leper and if you believe that a leper, if he has just one prayer to make and he would receive answer to that one prayer, his prayer would be to be healed of leprosy because to ask for terrestrial amenities like a lot of money while he still remains a leper would be praying amiss.

This is what has revealed that mankind in this earth have not truly understood that they have been praying amiss. Mankind is yet to come to the understanding that mortality is a disease and that mortality was necessary for procreation to take place in this terrestrial earth which is the reason the son of God, Adam, His Eminence who is also the principal ancestor of the mankind race had to sacrifice His supernatural body by eating from a certain tree in the garden of Eden so that He and mother Eve could become mortals, leave the haven’s world Eden to come to the terrestrial earth to kickstart the procreation of their children in this terrestrial earth and that as soon as the spirit being of a pure hominid has been sent from the father’s bosom into this terrestrial earth and into the womb of his biological mother to wear his mortal body and be born a mortal, the next thing is to begin the kingdom race or spiritual journey back to heaven and this is to get his mortal body BORN AGAIN into the supernatural kind of body by eating and assimilating divine revelations and eucharistic messages into his spirit being for his spirit being to hatch zoe immortal cells in his mortal body and take his mortal body through the four transcends of positive metamorphoses signposted as GILGAL to BETHEL, BETHEL to JERIKO, JERIKO to JORDAN and across JORDAN at the end of which his mortal body would have metamorphosed positively into the supernatural kind of body without him tasting death at all.

This is the pathway that Enoch and Elijah of Tishbe took to heaven. 2 Kings 2:1-12. Being healed of mortality is being healed of leprousy. The mortal man is like a leper. The angels in heaven look at mortals like lepers. The mortal body can decay but the supernatural body cannot decay. We brush our teeth in this terrestrial earth so that they don’t smell. We take our baths regularly so that our bodies don’t smell.

All these: bathing, brushing of teeth, sweating generally, are all labors of Egypt. These things are not in heaven because heaven is a perfect world. You
don’t bath in heaven, you don’t brush your teeth in heaven or use toilet in heaven.

Death is a system of expiration, deterioration and the gradual fading away of body tissues. Once a child is born in this earth, as soon as he or she stops growing, aging sets in. The mortal man is a dying man.

The world is yet to know that the Goodnews is  that death is not the route to heaven and that heaven is not a ghost world. The world is yet to know that the Goodnews is that mankind in his mortal state can run their race back to heaven without they having to experience death first, go to where ghosts go to and await resurrection before returning to heaven and this is the reason why God sent seven messenger angels called the seven angels of the seven ages of the CHURCH to go and teach the CHURCH in each CHURCH age how to immortalize their body and how to turn this terrestrial earth into a haven’s world.

This is what the story of lepros Naaman and Elisha is pointing to Naaman had leprosy and it was after he had dipped himself in river JORDAN seven times that he became healed of leprosy which is revealing that it is in the live era which is the 7th and last age of CHURCH after father Adam must have been released (resurrected) from the ghost world where He was ceased (held down) by the law of procreation that the 7th messenger angel would open the package and interpret its contents.

The cease era (disease era) was when father Adam was ceased in the ghost world for causing the infringement to the law of the supernatural body. The Live era (Deliverer) is when the 7th and last angel of the 7th and last age of the CHURCH will come to the earth to open the package and tell mankind what truly transpired in the garden of Eden, preach the message of each of the other six messenger angels including his own message will will make us to know that God’s desire for us all is that we may run our kingdom race back to heaven without having to die at all.

We are in the live era and no longer in the cease era. Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE who is the God in HIS incarnate manifestation also told HIS Apostles who had been praying that they were praying amiss as long as they had not started asking that they should LIVE AND NOT DIE when HE told them thus:
“Until now, you have asked me nothing. Ask and you will receive, that
your joy may be full”. John 16:24-26.

The only way that your joy will be full is when you are born again – when you are no more in your mortal body – when you are no more under the bondage of mortality.

The Goodnews was what Enoch preached until he became too young to die and he transfigured alive and went to heaven alive without tasting death at all. The Goodnews was what Elijah the great PROPHET of Tishbe preached and he became too young to die and he too transfigured alive and went to heaven alive without tasting death at.

One of the most difficult things for a mortal to believe is that he can live and not die and this was why when the God came into this terrestrial earth in HIS incarnate manifestation as Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE and told the people that they can live and not taste of death, the people, rather than ask HIM to show them the way to achieve that feat, disbelieved HIM and called HIM a demoniac. John 8:51-52.

Today, the 7th messenger angel, the PROPHET of this dispensation, the
third Elijah, PROPHET Obinna Jude Alexander has brought details of the
Goodnews to the earth.

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