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Before the beginning, before the creation of any beings, God was by himself, time immemorial, ad infinitum, time without end…all alone, self-sufficient, sovereign, self-governing, self-dependent, not bored, not lonely, but in his best state of luxury, his purest state of bliss.

HE is Supreme being that did not need anyone to be happy, during this time, God would experience transcends in meditation on himself, HIS most holy character and being, the indescribable beauty and holiness of HIS body.

Then there came a time HE began to hunger to have a son, a son that is like him, MICHA – EL, in his likeness. God wanted to demonstrate HIS character in different fields /spheres – the bank of HIS wisdom- the treasury of HIS wisdom; that was the beginning of the creation of God.

The beginning of the creation of God is actually the birthing of mankind by God. God did not create man but gave birth to man, that man is Adam, His Eminence. God gave birth to the principal ancestor of a race, the mankind race. That man then went on to birth the spirit beings of the entire mankind race in respect to hierarchy. These actions took place in the Father’s Bosom, the realm of the Elohim called Salem City. It is only because of this that we can be called children of God. This is what it means to be called a pure hominid—a child of the kingdom. It means that you are among those that were given birth to in the Father’s bosom.

The ones created are the Cherubim & Seraphim, Angels and the Ministering Spirits.  The Cherubim & Seraphim, Angels and Ministering Spirits were created because of man. They were created to function around man, it was man that gave them their offices. They are called pure hominids as well because they were created by the God, from God’s most holy air called pneumahagaion. They were created by God who is like the boundless light in whom is no darkness at all.

Mankind as a race was first birthed before the other celestial beings were created, however, even though mankind were birthed first, they were not immediately given tangible bodies, so did not go to their celestial abode known as Eden but remained in the father’s bosom, the Salem city, in the 10th heaven as spirit beings without physical bodies. As such, the entire mankind race was in the bosom of the father receiving intuitive tutelage from the omniscient God when God started and finished creating the other celestial beings. After God created their spirit beings, HE also made them manifest by bringing them to material visibility, spirit, soul and body unlike in the case of mankind who were not brought to material visibility until much later when God coupled the body of the son of God, His Eminence, Adam.

The creatures in their respective haven’s worlds thought that they were made first and as such were superior to mankind. This line of thinking arose after they had watched the coupling of the body of the Son of God, Adam, His Eminence through their celestial device called “white stone” in Revelation chapters. This confused the other celestial beings into thinking that they existed before man. They were brought to material visibility—spirit, soul and body, after they were created and not seeing or being told that there were other celestial beings in the 10th heaven when they were created, was why they thought that they were the first in existence, especially the Cherubim & Seraphim who were created first before the Angels were created and finally before the Ministering Spirits were created.

Before the principal ancestor of the mankind race, Adam, His Eminence was introduced in Eden, Lucifer was chosen by other celestial  beings to be their anointed cherub and as their annointed cherub, Lucifer was preaching in heaven but all he was preaching were lies. This is similar to what tare preachers in the earth of humans have been preaching in the period known as the falling away first until the emergence of the third Elijah. 

It was when father Adam, His Eminence emerged in Eden and started preaching, that the truth started coming out.

Those who accepted this message when the Son of God, His Eminence, Adam began teaching in the third heaven, Eden, were the pure hominid creatures, those who God created himself. However, there were those who began to truly manifest certain impure tendencies in a heaven that cannot inspire Evil. At the emergence of the Son of God, as a most burning and shining light, darkness began to flee.

They are impure hominids; this means that they were not created by God but took advantage of the altar set to become.

In Matthew 13:24-30, the parable of the wheats and tares was explaining this. The wheats are children of the kingdom while the tares are children  of disobedience also known as weeds, like bahama grass. 

The good seeds sown were the pure hominids and the weeds, which the enemy had sown by night are the impure hominids. Amongst the impure hominids was the cherub called Lucifer, he was amongst those who led other impure hominids in heaven to kick against the teachings of the Son of God and later on went as far as to plot his downfall, in a heaven that cannot inspire evil. In rejecting the lordship of Adam, His Eminence over them, they rejected the will of God thinking that God was partial wondering: how can the older serve the younger? and this is not in the sense that there is ageing or getting old in heaven.

There were mixed multitudes of beings in heaven as there are in the earth today. As there were impure hominids in heaven before the message of father Adam exposed them and chased them away, so is it on earth today where the message of the third Elijah is exposing the impure hominids in the earth.

God is the giver of children, the giver of gifts—the children God gives to parents on earth are spirit beings he sent from the Father’s bosom into the wombs of their biological mothers between the sixth and seventh month of pregnancy. That is what the birth of a pure hominid is like, but what happens when God does not send a pure hominid spirit into a baby body that is still forming? The system of the terrestrial takes advantage of the alter already set, the alter being that body that is already being formed by the fusion of the spermatozoon from the biological father and egg from the biological mother, the spirit being that is sent into that body is not from God but is from the abyss. This is again the enemy sowing weeds.

Darkness which the impure hominid humans represent was also allowed by God to come into this terrestrial earth so that light can be defined. God did not create the impure hominid celestial beings, neither did HE create the impure hominid humans. The spirit beings of impure hominid celestial beings and impure hominid humans hailed from the same source, the abyss. 

These revelations were lacking in the earth for a long time until this PROPHET emerged. When you hear preachers saying everyone should come as they are because as long as they repent of their sins, God will forgive them and they will make heaven, they err because they are not called by God to lead the CHURCH and interpret the scriptures. Some of them are even impure hominid humans. They are the ones referred to by Jesus Christ HIS PRE-EMINENCE as wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are the ones referred to by Jesus Christ HIS PRE-EMINENCE in Matthew 7:21-23 as those who would do magic and call them miracles and would be hailed by miracle seekers.

There is no repentance and forgiveness for impure hominids. They are not destined for heaven but the lake of fire because they are the condemned already by reason of where they hailed from.

The gospel of the kingdom is not for impure hominids because it is not given to them to eat and assimilate the mysteries of the kingdom which are these divine revelations.

Today the messages of the third Elijah are exposing and filtering the impure hominid humans from the pure hominid humans called mankind in this earth the way the messages of father Adam exposed and filtered the impure hominid celestial beings like Lucifer and cohorts from the pure hominid celestial beings in heaven.

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