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“The few presidents that really meant well for Nigeria as a nation and wished Nigeria very well, what they have worried mostly about is the day that will come that the oil underneath which they built pipelines for, which has given Nigeria a lot of Money – it is one of the major things that give Nigeria money, the day that will come that they will begin to get report that has to do with the thing depreciating, finishing and what that can cause, which some of them have been looking into what can also do the work that the oil has been doing; even if it is something they can invest in and nurture and build. Some are looking into agriculture and other things they can do in a big way. I have a message for you, Nigeria:

Apart from the Natural resources that you have which the GOD of creation bestowed on you which is to say that the Natural resources were not manufactured by anybody, they were in the land called Nigeria, they were in the landmass of Nigeria and we were only discovering them. I want to tell you what is “a must happen”: the day that the natural resources that you have been milking, like that milk and honey, you have been milking from the land, you have been getting from the land and it has been doing a whole lot for you, the day that it will begin to diminish, the day that it will begin to go down is coming. It is not inexhaustible, it is not an ocean that cannot dry. It is not that it will happen so quickly. So it’s not for you to be worried about, this is not for your heart to begin to jump but what I am telling you is that the day is coming, there is the time that is coming in the future when these natural resources … you have traded them, you have sold them to the point where they will begin to go down to the point that you can virtually see that it is depreciating, it is going down and it is no longer behaving the way it has been behaving for some time, looking like something that replenishes itself when a lot is taken away and then you will discover that the thing is depreciating seriously and at that time, you may not have been able to establish the other things that will be lucrative enough to do the things that the oil and so much that has been coming from that oil, has been doing for you.


Here is the Prophecy :

There is this thing that will be the thing designed by GOD HIMSELF that is what will sustain you, uphold you or keep you above all other nations both economically, the point is that it is the kind that you may want to tell me (PROPHET) to rather be the one to reserve it and do whatever I am saying that should be done for that to be able to sustain the economy of a nation because you will feel, how can this happen? How can a nation be sustained by this? At that time, GOD HIMSELF (because also for the fact that in the Logos, Nigeria is in the blueprint) … GOD has what HE intended doing which HE is already doing from Nigeria and will run from Nigeria to the entire nations of the earth. That thing is the UNIQUE CORN.

There is the UNIQUE CORN that every nation (x3) where children of the kingdom – pure hominids are, will come to Nigeria to buy…they will come to Nigeria to buy the unique corn. That unique corn is not the corn that you know, not maize or grain, rather, it is divine messages that cannot be found anywhere except in Nigeria. Those messages will be the kind that every other message that has been preached from different denominations, from different congregations, talking about GOD and so on, that particular message that will come from Nigeria will unfit and overcome it, will prove to be more sound to the point where the people will give an applaud, a global applaud and come for that very message from Africa, Nigeria to be precise and then it will improve a lot.

Because a lot of people will begin to come to Nigeria for that message, It will affect the entire Christian community globally. It will affect the very airport you have positively, it will affect the currency, Naira positively, because for the fact that the people that are coming will also come with silver and gold of their countries to Nigeria and because this is a UNIQUE CORN and not just the one that has been, it is not just a good corn … This one is unique, this one is different from other messages that have been. This is the one that the people will live for (x3)… Like someone who ate that and keeps eating that will not die… so it is something that will bring Nigeria to the superpower level and Nigeria will emerge the last world power by this.

The reason is that it is not rising to fall, not the kind that rose and fell a certain day, not that kind, this is hidden, this is something you may not see plainly looking into the scriptures, this is a prophecy, you watch if this will happen… It is not in the hands of the political leaders of Nigeria at all, that is why I am saying this before it starts happening. But it is something that when it is happening, Nigeria as a country will see that the thing is more than even Nigeria as a country… And that which a people did and used resources or money from different countries and built vatican is the kind PROPHET is talking about and the city that will be built, the true Vatican that will be built, that will have everything that it takes for international delegates to come and feel comfortable in Nigeria will be built by this same PROPHET and people coming from different countries can come to the very city and feel as comfortable as they are in their countries and there will be a lot of in-flow of silver and gold that the very PROPHET will not count on silver anymore.

And the CHURCH will remember why Solomon was called Jedidiah which was the one they called the son of David Jesse and what his life was trying to fore-shadow but the church didn’t catch it. This is what will happen many years to come and it is the kind that cannot be stopped by any because it is supernatural, the force behind this is supernatural.

There is no president of any country that will not need the very UNIQUE CORN, there is no status of anybody wearing mortal body that will say “I don’t need the UNIQUE CORN”, they will only want to know what exactly is the UNIQUE CORN. What do you mean, I should part-take of this unique corn?

So the dream that troubled the pharaoh of Egypt, the dream that troubled the president of Africa, if Africa can select one president that can represent Africa is what the PROPHET has interpreted. The fact that the oil that is bestowed upon the land by the GOD of creation has fed many, has gone a long way in terms of developing the continent, Africa and so on, what he is saying today is that there is the day that will come that these natural resources will begin to go deficient, they will begin to go minus, they will begin to finish… and the GOD predestined also that at that time there is something that will be happening, that will Not be happening in Europe, or Asia, or from other continents but from Africa. It will Not be happening from any other country in Africa but from Nigeria and many people will come, will visit Nigeria because of the fact that the thing is unique, the thing is one of its kind.

The preacher seems to have a people who gave him allegiance, who are so reverential, people that are true – true for real. Unlike in the presidential villa, where that kind of truth he (the president) will not give to any, the kind of truth he has not won exactly, how that they have to be very careful even in terms of protection, there is a lot they have to be careful about because of the corruption that they are swimming inside or even corrupt people that are wining around them even in the place where governance is coming from, where policies that should arrest criminals and so on should be coming from, so they will wonder how the man (the PROPHET) was able to get this done.

Aside the revelations that are coming, they will wonder how this man has done it. Because this is different from what the mother harlot – the Roman Catholic priesthood has done, this is different from the Pentecostals, those that they can point to today, that have so so number of branches outside this country and so on… this is completely different from all of that.

They are seeing a man who has built his house that is so ordered… The kind that if any should forget a million dollars for instance, on the very street of the city he has built, the money whoever that picks it will bring it to where he is supposed to bring it to – things that you cannot really expect even from people that are devout in any religion – devoted but you cannot even trust them 100% when it comes to that kind of things..those kind will be completely secured in the house, the system, the PROPHET is building – that height of security and the big one: the proof and the evidence of the fact that the UNIQUE CORN does what the preacher has been saying or is saying that it does. The evidence showing forth to some extent at that time and so many people far and near, people who by reason of status in the society you will not expect that they will respond but to the amazement of people, will keep a lot that had to do with status aside and will begin to respond amazingly.

That is the only thing that Nigeria as a country can be sustained with. If Nigeria as a country will not invest in this, that is to say, they have the opportunity, chance even to partner in it as a country and as a nation… but the chances of that will expire at a certain point. When it is already built to a height, if they want to, they will not be allowed anymore …but when it is still being built and they saw what this preacher has been saying, they look into “Nigeria is a Holyland” messages and some of the things this preacher has been saying and they decide to give him support and it is not just about money here.

For instance, like the PROPHET said, that what beclouds a nation is rituals, witchcraft etc but what exalts a godly nation is righteousness, having a president and people who discuss the affairs of the nation, and they come together and they look at it in the aspect of also tourism, how this will affect tourism, or the commissioner for tourism and so on and the others, will look at it in the aspect of how this will affect “naira” as a currency and so on, and how this truly is the message that is the true message and nobody has this kind of message, no other country has this kind of message and this has been going on this way therefore say “we can come in, we can bring the television media, we can bring the internet media, we can bring the radio, we can bring the press, in trying to publish this”, when they come in that way and then too, in terms of propagating this message, that is when they are partnering as a nation with the very project which is not a man’s project but GOD’s project and they stand to gain mightily I.e benefit heavily from it but when it is not so and it is been built by the CHURCH looking at the number of people who are following the PROPHET at one point or the other and it gets to that point where he has grown to that extent then they are not in anyway patners to the very grace but what rather they will wait and ask for will be “bail from resession.

This is the Prophecy that I spoke about”.

—- PROPHET Obinna Jude Alexander.

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