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There is something extremely supernatural that God is doing on earth today starting from Nigeria that will affect the whole earth.

Nigeria is in God’s Blueprint. The name Nigeria was divinely given. Nigeria is the nation whose name came the same year that Lucifer was chased from heaven – 1914. Proving that as Lucifer fell from heaven, God carved out the nation from where he would clean up his mess. Unknown to humanity, the fall of Lucifer from heaven caused the first world war on earth.

Read the divine handwriting on the map of Nigeria. The confluence of River Niger & River Benue at Lokoja which flows down to the South-South is a divine handwriting which drew Y. Y for YAH. YAH is the name of the God of the spirits of the prophets. Elijah called God YAHWEH.

Those that are building to ignite war someday for the splitting of this blessed nation Nigeria, hear this: LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS!!! No man can put asunder what God has joined together. The merging of 2 Rivers, one flowing from EASTERN & the other flowing from WESTERN AND MEETING IN THE NORTHERN at Lokoja THEN FLOWING DOWN TO THE SOUTHERN revealed the inseparable nature of this Blessed Country.

The shape of the map of Africa is like a handgun with Nigeria at the trigger point. This is because there is something that God would shoot out (and has already shot out) of Africa from Nigeria that will affect the whole earth. This is because of the Voice of the 7th Angel of the 7th Church – the Prophet in the Spirit & Power of Elias (Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander) that will lead the 7th and last age of the Church that would emerge from Nigeria.

Nigeria…the trigger point of Africa will play the role that Egypt played when Joseph sustained Egypt and fed the whole world with CORN. This time, the CORN symbolises the restored Gospel – the pure, undiluted and unadulterated gospel of the kingdom. This is the UNIQUE CORN.

Nigeria is a Holyland. Satan, perceiving this has tried so much to rubbish the image of this blessed country globally. The destiny of this great nation is not totally in man’s hands. There is the system of this world which is totally different from the system of God.

Take this as a prophesy from Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander and it shall come to pass:


Nigeria is the nation being spoken about in Isaiah 60. Nigeria got her independence in 1960 and this is why Isaiah 60 reads “Arise, shine for thy light is come! This is because of the glorious light of the restored gospel that will arise from Nigeria and spread to the whole earth.

Nigeria is in the similitude of Mary Magdalene who was called a prostitute yet found the king’s favour and was the first to see the resurrected Jesus HIS PRE EMINENCE. Just like Mary Magdalene, Nigeria is the nation that prostituted the most religiously. She has found the King’s favour and is the nation chosen to see first, the glorious light of the restored gospel. The nation from where the message that will usher in the 2nd coming of our Supreme Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ – the message that will set in the transfiguration of the mortal body. The very nation from where the prophet of this dispensation emerged.

Nigeria is a holy land and what makes her a holy land is because of what took place in the land of Nigeria. 

The world is yet to know that the gopher tree that Noah coupled the Ark with, was planted in the land that is the present day Nigeria and that the Ark of Noah was not coupled in Israel but in Nigeria, beside River Niger. 

The world is yet to know that the Ark of Noah was pointing to the supernatural body of man and that man is an Ark.  

Ark is a sacred chest or tabernacle or vessel which contains life and divine secrets of God. 

The supernatural body of man houses the spirit being which is holy and this holy spirit being is what makes the body of a pure hominid, a temple. Even if the holy spirit being is sent into a mortal body, as long as the holy spirit being is fed with holy Eucharists (divine revelations or eucharistic messages), the building blocks of the mortal body made of psuche cells will be dethroned by the Zoe immortal cells hatched by the spirit being from the divine revelations or eucharistic messages fed the spirit being, to metamorphose that mortal body into the supernatural body once the Zoe immortal cells hatched in her, reache their genome. 

The world is yet to know that the first Ark is the supernatural body of the principal ancestor of the mankind race, Adam, His Eminence and that His supernatural body was coupled with raw materials (Ribber), first buried and later, resurrected from the land that is the present day Nigeria and that this is the arch (ark) reason why Nigeria is a holy land.

This is the reason why the message that would cripple sickness, aging, and death as it is coupling the mortal bodies of pure hominids called mankind into their supernatural kind (into their individual Arks) is raining from Nigeria. 

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