A dispensation is a period of time in the LOGOS where God reveals the details of the LOGOS in revelations to the leader of a particular CHURCH age who is now expected to teach the CHURCH he is leading how to acquire the supernatural kind of body from the mortal kind and how to turn this terrestrial earth into a haven’s world.

These revelations from God would come in a way that is peculiar and unique to the situations he and the CHURCH would face on earth whose solutions lie in the revelations God would reveal to him which if not accurately deciphered and interpreted, would be taken as literal and would not get the desired result of immortalizing the CHURCH alive without the CHURCH tasting death at all.


This inaccurate interpretation of the LOGOS was associated with the first six messenger angels who came under the segment of the LAW except for the great Enoch and this inaccurate interpretation played out to be adumbrations of what the accurate interpretation of the LOGOS, the last runner, the PROPHET, who got the job done, would bring to the terrestrial earth in the 7th and last age of the mortal CHURCH.

The First Dispensation
The dispensation of His Eminence, Adam
The Second Dispensation
The dispensation of Enoch
The Third Dispensation
The dispensation of Noah
The Fourth Dispensation
The dispensation of Abraham
The Fifth Dispensation
The dispensation of Moses
The Sixth Dispensation
The dispensation of Jesus Christ HIS PRE EMINENCE
The Seventh Dispensation
The dispensation of the Most Holy Spirit
The Eight Dispensation
The millennium reign of Christ
The Ninth Dispensation
The battle of Armageddon
The Tenth Dispensation
The Inauguration Of Adam "His Eminence"

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